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Westview Middle School Visitor Procedure
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Monday, August 12, 2013

Westview Middle School

Visitor Procedure


Goal: The campus of Westview will be safe.


Guidelines for Success: Westview C.A.R.E.S.!

· Commitment

· Acceptance

· Respect/Responsibility

· Encouraging

· Safe


Guidelines For Success Applied to Visitors:

Ø  All persons will enter the main front doors. The officer or DSO in charge will monitor the signature(s) of all adults.

 Ø  Only Parents or Guardians and children 10 and under will be allowed to navigate the building for various meetings.

 Ø  The Parent or Guardian will produce a picture I.D. to be filed under the number of the visitor’s pass issued. NO I.D., NO ENTRANCE!!!

 Ø  The number & Time In will be recorded on the signature page.

 Ø  Siblings & relatives, over the age of 11 will sign in and remain seated on the blue bench across from the officer or DSO. Siblings & relatives are not to leave from this area for ANY REASON!!!

 Ø  When the visitor leaves (through the front doors only) they will return the numbered pass and receive their I.D.

 Ø  The Time Out will be recorded on the signature page next to the visitor’s name.


A locking file box will be maintained at the desk to provide secure storage of I.D.s. Officers/DSOs will have a key and the extra key will be kept in a principal’s office.



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